Car Alarm Systems Are Vital

Car Alarm Systems Are Vital

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With car theft being one of the most serious problems across the county, there is no wonder why car alarm systems are vital! Although statistics show that the numbers of car break-ins and thefts are still high, they have decreased during the last years and all thanks to alarms. Designed to keep thieves away or interrupt their mal-actions, alarms can really make a difference to whether your car will be stolen or not. One simple click with your transponder key and the alarm is disarmed by you while the simplest move from potential thieves will wake up the entire neighborhood.Car Alarm Systems Are Vital in Illinois

Are you sure about car security? Get alarms

If you have an old vehicle and consider having the car locks changed, it's time to install an alarm, too. Older systems were much simpler and only had one or two sensors. Modern ones are far more sophisticated and can protect your vehicle even if thieves try to lift it. The central security control unit of the car monitors all actions. New age cars and especially luxurious ones have alarms with up to ten different sensors. They are not only installed at the car's door locks but at different parts of the vehicle. It's best for you to get the best alarms you can. Thieves do not only try to break-in through the door. Door sensors won't help you if the window breaks.

Shock sensors detect any impact on the car. They won't only stop the intruder trying to break through the security door locks, but will also sense window smashing. Thieves' options are further narrowed down if you get microphone sensors as well. They measure variations in the fluctuation of the air pressure. The noise made by breaking glass is very distinctive and the sensors convert that into electrical current sent to the central unit and the alarm goes off. Microphones can sense the sounds in the environment and just go off when there is a sudden change. Proximity sensors check the perimeter. If someone comes close to your vehicle, the alarm will go off. If you want to keep thieves from actually lifting the car, there are the tilt sensors. They will activate the alarm if the angle of your car's position is changed.

There are many choices today and so instead of dealing with car theft, it's best to take precautions beforehand. Keeping the doors locked and the windows closed are both essential for car security but not enough if you park outside often. Install alarms and bear in mind that you don't have to have the locks replaced in order to upgrade the car's security system.

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