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Can an automotive locksmith also reprogram my smart key?

Yes, it is possible for an automotive locksmith to reprogram your smart key with the right equipment. He is able to connect to your cars' computer, making it possible to program your smart key. The equipment needed is OEM and this is what allows them to reprogram your key. No matter where your key is from, a professional locksmith technician will have the skills and equipment needed to reprogram your key. If you want to be sure that the locksmith you’ve contacted is able to take care of this for you, simply ask them before requesting their services. Taking your key to a dealership is often more expensive than using the services of an automotive locksmith. Allow us at "Car Key Locksmith Chicago" to reprogram your smart key.

Is it possible to get into my car simply by using my antenna to pop open the lock?

This is something that people used to do but rarely does this happen anymore. This is because of how cars are made. They used to have a lock that was easy to just press on that would open your door. However, today’s cars are not made to allow this option. Usually, the locks are automatic. This prevents you from being able to simply tap it to open. It is in your best interest to call a trained locksmith technician because they know how to quickly and safely open your car door by using the proper tools. The tools used by locksmiths allow them to open your door without causing any damage to your vehicle.

Should I keep the car key duplicate in the car?

No, you should avoid keeping a second ignition car key in the car. Most thieves will first check for a spare car key when breaking into vehicles so that they can steal the car easier. Our experts remind you that modern immobilizers will only work with your ignition key so you'll be making thieves' life easier.

What do I do if the wheel or ignition is stuck?

It takes patience to remove a stuck ignition car key or move the wheel. Be gentle as you move the wheel right and left and be even more careful when you move the key. If you put force, you'll break it. Spray some lubricants in the keyhole and keep moving the key gently till it is removed.

Do locksmiths replace car keys?

Our technicians can replace all types of keys. From ignition to transponder keys! In order for the lost car key to be replaced the vehicle identification number will be needed along with the make and model of the car and personal identification. I will cost you less than having it done at the dealership.

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