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Know whom to call

While you may be locked out of your car, you don’t have to be for long. Make sure you know who to call in the event that you are suddenly locked out of your car. This will undoubtedly save you time and frustration. You may not want to contact just any locksmith because they may leave you further frustrated by showing up hours after you’ve requested their assistance. Choose a well-known, reputable locksmith service that values your business and will show up promptly. Contact us to get more information!

Always make sure to lock your car

This may sound obvious, but this little habit can be crucial when it comes to the prevention of lock-out situations. When you own a car with an automatic door, it locks automatically upon closing. This way, when you stop for gas, instead of leaving the keys in the ignition and risking your car getting locked, take them out and lock the car. Same goes for picking the kids up, stepping out for a delivery or to pay for parking, and more. Making sure you use your key every time you step out of your car will help avoiding this situation. Another obvious yet important reason is the car's security; you never know when someone might try to break in your car or try to steal it. With your car left unlocked, it could happen faster than you think.

Check the car locks regularly

Who said that car security door locks don't get damaged? If you daily use the car key fob to enter the vehicle, you won't know if the locks have been tampered with by a potential thief. Wear and tear over the years also takes their toll. Our technicians can inspect and have the car locks changed.

Don't keep duplicates in the vehicle

Refrain from keeping a second transponder key or any key for that matter in the car. You'll just make thieves' efforts easier. If you want to keep a second key, hang it in your belt loop or keep it in your purse. People don't just leave keys in the car but also tag them with their address and name. This makes them easier targets.

Park close to security cameras

When you park the car outside, you run the risk of car theft unless you take the right precautions. If you usually park in parking lots or streets with surveillance cameras, try to leave the car where it can be seen by the camera. Our experts also suggest choosing a lit spot.

Use deicer to troubleshoot a frozen lock

If you don’t have one around, rub the lock with alcohol vigorously. Remember to use soft lint-free cloth to avoid further trouble. After you’re done, lubricate the lock. This trick should work perfectly.

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